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about the author

Tonda Solomon

Tonda met her husband at Mercer University in Macon, GA. After graduation they moved back to his small town and began their fairytale. Four sons, a home in the country, a good name in the community…then came the affair and the almost certain destruction of their Camelot. A bold decision to relocate to Tennessee proved wisest for their marriage. Over fifteen years later they have learned much about themselves as the LORD has quieted the fears of the past. Many pivotal trials have impacted their lives. They know they are better together.

Tonda’s characters illustrate universal truths she has gleaned as every path has led her full circle to the truth in God’s Word. Paramount being that three things remain: faith, hope, and love…and the greatest of these is love, freely given and freely received.

A voracious appetite for reading, traveling, music of all sorts, and experiencing the world through her favorite littles fills her days. She and her husband are now empty-nesters (with a not-so-empty-nest) who reside in Franklin, TN.


Surviving Love, A novel

PREORDER TODAY | Available March 10th

Surviving Love is Available through these major Retailers

about the the book

Surviving Love

In Surviving Love, Alyce escapes to the beach following a nine month separation from her husband, Michael. He is now pressuring her to sign divorce papers, after his year long affair with a colleague. She is processing her pending identity as a divorced woman, which goes completely against her faith and her belief in “for better or for worse.” On Alyce’s first day at the beach, she meets Ben. An unexpected friendship blossoms as she unearths parts of herself that have long been dormant. Energized by her newly defined relationship with God, she begins to make peace with her circumstances. Until things shift and Michael decides he wants her back.

Within Surviving Love, readers follow a story of finding hope and love again in marriage. The options of divorce and reconciliation are addressed in a marriage that has been ravaged by infidelity. Surviving Love features characters who are navigating common ground, while acknowledging how each individual’s uniqueness impacts the outcome. Readers are intrigued by Alyce’s struggles of maintaining her new identity no matter the direction life may take and the choices she must make that will reflect upon herself and her confidence in God’s promises.