August 21, 2020

The Day Eternity Begins

Read Ezekiel 12:2, 21-28 (paraphrase mine):

“They have eyes to see, but do not see, and ears to hear, but do not hear…what is this proverb you have in the land of Israel, ‘The days pass slowly, and every vision fails?…The Sovereign Lord says: I hereby end this proverb; they will not recite it any longer…The days are at hand when every vision will be fulfilled…not be delayed any longer…in your days, I will speak the word and accomplish it…’”

Read 2 Peter 3 (paraphrase mine):

Beloved friends, this letter is to stir us up…never forget…in the last days mockers will multiply, chasing after their evil desires.They will say, “So what about this promise of His coming? Everything is still the same as it was since from the beginning of time until now.”…a single day counts like a thousand years to the Lord Yahweh, and a thousand years counts as one day…contrary to man’s perspective, the Lord is not late with his promise to return, as some measure lateness…The day of the Lord will come and take everyone by surprise—as unexpected as a home invasion…don’t we see how vital it is to live a holy lifeWe must be consumed with godlinessThere are coming heavens new in quality, and an earth new in quality, where righteousness will be fully at home. So, my beloved friends, with all that we have to look forward to…be eager to be found living pure lives when we come into His presence, without blemish and filled with peacedivinely loved ones…be careful that you…do not lose your firm grip on the truth…continue to grow and increase in God’s grace and intimacy with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May He receive all the glory both now and until the day eternity begins. Amen! 

Last week one of my sons lost a friend in a horrible shooting.

At 23 years old, a time when most of us are living in the moment, this beautiful boy’s eternity began. Today, at 58 years old, my eternity could begin, yet I am focused on appointments, what’s for supper, and packing for a trip.

But the fact remains that few of us view the world through we’re-running-out-of-time glasses.

When I made the connection between the two passages from Ezekiel and 2 Peter, these words stood out to me: Don’t we see how vital it is to live a holy lifeWe must be consumed with Godliness.

We don’t have to look far to recognize this could be the day when “the eternity of humanity begins.” There are a LOT of respected people warning us.

Eternity is difficult to comprehend. Whether or not my brain can grasp it doesn’t negate the fact that each moment, somewhere in the peripheral of my vision, should be my appointment with Him – highlighted in yellow and circled with a red marker. 

Maybe He takes just me or maybe He comes to reclaim His entire creation. Either way, I should prepare for the wedding supper of the Lamb; packing all I can for that final trip, because I don’t want to arrive empty-handed. Where I will be fully at home with righteousness because He has made me whole. 

How can I boldly profess that? Because I am divinely loved!

His precious promises are true. My what a plan! My what a God!

Be Kind. Love Well.

~ Tonda

P.S. – The election is quickly approaching. Time to exercise our right to vote. If you haven’t already, won’t you register to make your voice heard? Then, on November 3 (if not before), get to the polls and vote. You can find your state’s registration deadlines here. #BeHeardNovemberThird 

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  1. Gina Watson

    I love this post, tonda! I highly RECOMMEND the book “heaven” by randy alcorn. when i am planning a trip, i love the anticipation of the trip almost as much as the trip itself. i love researching the places we will be going and the sights we will see. reading about what heaven will be like, complete with scripture references, gets me so excited about where i am going one day. and, it will be the best vacation ever, only it won’t be a vacation because it will never have to end.

    • admin

      I will look forward to reading it!


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