August 6, 2020

On Looking Better Naked

Have you ever had one of those dreams about being naked in a public place?

I have!

Not sure what that says about me. Just keeping it real.

A young friend popped by yesterday wearing a t-shirt promoting a nutrition and exercise program. It said, “cause everybody wants to look better naked.” When I commented on it, at first she was embarrassed, but I laughed and told her those were true words! I don’t know anyone who gets out of the shower, looks in the mirror, and proclaims, “Wow! Just wow. There’s not a thing I would change about that!”

I decided a few years ago that I was going to take care of myself because the Word says our body is a temple of Holy God. Overeating or constantly eating unhealthy things, not sleeping enough, failing to keep myself at my optimum…it’s like having a church where I faithfully clean the windows and vacuum once a week, but never pay attention to other details like keeping the grounds looking clean and tidy or polishing the pews. Maybe I decide not to run the heat because it costs a lot. No matter that people are distracted by the cold. I forget that they actually come seeking Jesus and keeping my church is an essential part of that, eliminating distractions so they can focus on the LORD.

But I digress…

Back to the matter at hand — looking better naked.

There will come a time when my number is up and I finally get to go to my eternal reward. I am certain there will never be a moment, ever, that I will feel quite so exposed. Where everything will be laid bare and I have to deal with whether or not I prepared for my nakedness. Like a bride who works hard to “fit into a wedding dress.” What we know is that she’s also preparing herself for her wedding night, when the intimacy factor is at its highest.

I will stand face to face with Holiness. With Truth. With Justice. With Love.

If I am wise and discerning I prepare for that day like no other. I clothe myself with His beauty and righteousness.

In Zechariah 9:16-17a it says,

“On that day the LORD our God will rescue His people…we will sparkle in His land like jewels in a crown. How wonderful and beautiful we will be!” (paraphrase mine)

My righteousness by faith will allow me to stand before Him. But in my stripped-down “glory,” I so desire to be one of the shiniest sparkling jewels in His land. I keep hiding His word in my heart because my heart is deceitfully wicked and tells me lies. I watch for opportunities to love as I have known Love – without shame or condemnation, but truly believing for the best in those around me. I have ongoing conversations Him so the intimacy won’t be as awkward.

I’d advise every believer to be preparing, “cause everybody wants to look better naked.”

This could be the day! And that’s what’s on my mind….

Be Kind. Love Well. 
~ Tonda 

Hi I’m Tonda! 

Welcome! I'm Tonda and this is where you get to know me well. I'll openly share my faith journey and my Solomon crew - All things pretty and not so pretty. I think you'll recognize our similarities in your own adventure. When you do will you share with me?

I’m really happy you’re here! 


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