June 2, 2020

The Perfect Recipe

We’re a family of cooks around here. Oddly, we were married for almost eighteen years before we realized that Keith enjoys cooking like some people enjoy golf. It’s a very calming hobby for him. I know when he starts setting up in the kitchen to bake that something’s surely afoot in his spirit. I give him lots of space! And I benefit from the culinary surprise that results.

We spend a lot of time watching cooking shows. Isn’t it funny how those trained chefs make you feel like you can sauté, flambé, and fricassee? But my favorite, the one I’d love to cook and eat dinner with every single night, is Ina Garten. She teaches you to cook like a pro and she motivates me to jump in and go for it! 

When seeking a recipe I always look to her first. I pull up the ingredients and follow her written steps precisely. We’re never disappointed by the outcome. 

However, when I watch her, I learn the ins and outs of letting ingredients come to room temperature or allowing things to rest before or after you cook them, and many other unique nuances I won’t find written in the recipe. 

For example, her recipe details all of the elements I need for a successful lemon poppyseed cake. With Ina, I’ve learned that when she says “add a teaspoon” in the steps, on TV she may actually heap the spoon rather than level it, which affects the outcome. Or when making yummy veggie ciabatta sandwiches on the panini press she may say doing this or that will help the flavors to marinate (don’t I sound professional?). She always tosses in a bit more salt and she’s a fan of extra-large eggs. Who knew?

I think this might be a little like my relationship with God. I read His word and get all the details for a delicious life. Steps I can follow. 

But when I’m continually aware of His Spirit springing up and living, moving, breathing as me I feel beyond capable in every situation. He has layered the ingredients for a life of Divine decadent deliciousness. I believe so much in who He is inside of me, that He comes alive in new ways that make me stand back and declare, “That was satisfying!”

His Word is the recipe, but His Spirit is the secret ingredient to a life that overcomes. Tune in and watch and listen. Follow His lead. Prepare to see the glory of the LORD!

Let’s be bold and courageous as we sample all that life in Him has to offer.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good!” – Psalm 34:8

Now I think I’ll go try my hand at the lemon poppyseed cake.

Be kind. Love well.
~ Tonda

Hi I’m Tonda! 

Welcome! I'm Tonda and this is where you get to know me well. I'll openly share my faith journey and my Solomon crew - All things pretty and not so pretty. I think you'll recognize our similarities in your own adventure. When you do will you share with me?

I’m really happy you’re here! 


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