December 31, 2019

Let Today be Today

It would not do for me to be a runway model.

Aside from the fact that I am 5’2” (eyes of blue) and very curvy, models never look where they’re going. I confess I’ve always envied that cool stare straight ahead as they saunter down the catwalk in those crazy heels. They appear aloof and unconcerned which I just can’t understand.

I have to watch my steps. I simply must focus on the path immediately before me. Otherwise it’s highly likely I’ll wobble and stumble and even fall as I make my way. 

I find it’s best to be present and aware in this moment. Focusing on my immediate vicinity allows me to not overlook things that are really important. And goodness knows if I could have seen how hard it would be and how long it would take I would not have made it to where I am today! 

Realistically some things require planning which fuels this crazy planner person. But ultimately I have few regrets when I just bask in the moment and enjoy life.

Slow down.

Look around.

Be kind and love well.

Hi I’m Tonda! 

Welcome! I'm Tonda and this is where you get to know me well. I'll openly share my faith journey and my Solomon crew - All things pretty and not so pretty. I think you'll recognize our similarities in your own adventure. When you do will you share with me?

I’m really happy you’re here! 


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